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What is Pilates?  You've heard of many different people doing Pilates.  They include Olympic athletes, and a 92 year old with an artificial hip and fused spine.  How does it appeal to such a broad range of people?  What benefits do all these people get from practicing Pilates?


A Pilates-trained body makes you feel good because it is functional fitness.  The strength and flexibility one obtains is functional because it is derived from natural movement.  You can see that your body is in good shape from this sort of training, too.  It does what you ask of it with a greater range of motion, endurance, and ease. 


There is a lot of emphasis on the detail and control of movement when executing Pilates.  Originally, when Joseph Pilates started his technique, he called it, 'Contrology'. Pilates exercises allow room for modifications, which a well-trained and experienced instructor will immediately adapt to your body and its needs  This allows you to get the most out of your exercise, Pilates is individualized and even allows for adaptation for asymmetrical strength and flexibility from one side of your body to the other.


The Pilates You mission is to build a highly personalized Pilates studio locally. A world-class Pilates studio in a local neighborhood that will allow anybody to come learn and use the benefits of Pilates for themselves.  Pilates You is all about promoting an enjoyable environment where people are eager to go and feel well. To offer the best, highly personalized Pilates training you can get.  A studio that satisfies every person, at all fitness levels, who wants to enjoy their lives in their healthy-as-possible bodies. 


Pilates You is a private setting in which you learn how to make the most of your gifts, and how to address your challenges.

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