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"Karen is an excellent instructor. She really knows what she's doing and how to teach you how to use muscles that you may 

have neglected. I feel stronger and energized after each class." 

-Diane F.

46 year old professional business woman. Client for 2 years.

"In the many years Karen has been my  Pilates instructor she has never once lost her patience with me or criticized  me for my many shortcomings and inabilities.


She is that rare instructor  who was trained by the famous Romana, a disciple of Joseph Pilates himself.


Karen makes the demanding routine interesting, challenging, varied and yes, often even fun.  She is a born teacher who plans carefully, knows the body, loves her work and shares her enthusiasm with her clients. I thoroughly recommend her."

-Kathleen M.

91 year old woman with an artificial hip & fused spine. Client for 15 years.

"As a Pilates instructor, Karen Kopf is unique. She combines an extensive knowledge of traditional

techniques with a willingness to try new exercises, geared to the changing needs of her clients. In

addition, her engaging personality manages to keep each session light and entertaining. What could be

be#er than having fun while you stretch and roll? Karen has been my instructor for several years, and I

could not recommend anyone more highly—in a word, she is terrific."

-Richard W.

69 year old client for 4 years

"I have taken Pilates classes from Karen for several years. I cannot recommend her class more highly. She is always instructing as to proper position, breathing, and technique. I have found her class to be most beneficial to my health. In addition to her expertise, Karen is an entertaining instructor as well, Her humor is always enjoyed and helps to add levity to her class."

-Joyce C.

63 year old, semi-retired business woman

Since starting a few months ago I have increased flexibility with less aching.
 I feel better overall- more balanced, energetic, and stronger. I am certainly doing things in class now that I could not do when I started.
   My goal is less about strength or weight loss and more about health - to that extent, I do believe I am well on my way to becoming healthier. I am certainly becoming more comfortable with my myself and I am starting to understand and control my body better.
  I’ve been primarily focused on weight training and cardiovascular exercise for most of my adult life, but Pilates presents a different way to think about health and fitness.  Rather than “pushing stacks” or achieving a “runners high” (which are great exercise goals on their own), Pilates re-introduces you to your body in a natural way to help you understand how everything connects and works together through exercises designed to improve coordination, flexibility, and strength.

- Nate

42 year old man. 6'4" 300 lbs

"I am a 65 year old woman who has taken a pilates class for the last 15 years.  With potential back problems due to an uncorrected scoliosis, I have been able to be pain free due, in my opinion, to keeping my inner core strong.  Pilates has also improved my flexibility and has allowed me to continue playing the sports I love -- tennis and golf -- with no issues.  I highly recommend this type of exercise to keep things going in the right direction as we age."

-Jackie G.

65 year old woman with uncorrected back problems

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